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Learn the practical application of home-scale biogas, and how to teach it to others.

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of people who are generating their own free energy out of trash, while also helping our climate.  We are doing this at home, in our community centers, on our homesteads, in rural areas and in cities. 

Basically, everywhere!

Who this is for

Are you new to biogas?  The "Biogas Basics" Course is full of easily accessible and fun lessons that will show you all you need to know to design, build, and take care of your biogas system. 

If you are an educator who wants to teach biogas in your community in a way that is engaging and relevant to your culture and context, The Biogas Educator Certificate Program is for you. You will learn my proven participatory design and teaching approach, and receive a license to use my "done for you" curriculum, so you can get right to teaching.

Your Host:  Kathy Puffer

I'm all about accessible, practical applications of biogas. 

I operate my own biogas system in my homestead and use it to cook, and the fertilizer to grow vegetables hydroponically that I sell in a CSA. 

I am a professional educator who is on a mission to take dry technical biogas trainings and make them engaging and relevant for your context, so that they become systems that work for you, and our living planet over the long-term. 

I also present and consult about biogas, permaculture, and more. Learn more about me at kathypuffer.com

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